Texas Farm Bureau Insurance

Welcome to the official Agent Online Store for the Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Companies. This site has been developed and is maintained by the TFBIC Marketing Department. We hope you will find promotional items and apparel on this site to meet your marketing needs.
The store is divided into three sections to best serve you: Company Branded Items, Agent Customized Items and Seasonal Items.
The first section, Company Branded Items, offers products that are in stock and ready to ship immediately. While these items do not include agent or office contact information, this section allows for quick turnaround of quality items. Most items in this section include the company's toll-free number, which routes to the closest TFBIC office, and/or the company website. This section is perfect for last-minute events or quick requests.
The second section, Agent Customized Items, features agent or county-specific items. Customized items make a personal, local connection and are great for events or office use. Items in this section require minimum orders due to customization.
The third section, Seasonal Items, is updated quarterly with promotional items relevant to the upcoming season. This section aims to equip agents with items to take to community events or give away to customers and prospects. Items in this section also can be customized with the agent's name or county name, as well as one phone number.
Please check back often. The site is continuously updated with new products and options!
Price Matching
We aim to provide you with good quality products at great prices. If you have concerns about pricing on an item and feel that you have information about a comparable item that costs less, please contact Melody Layne at [email protected]. To process your request, please send the following information:

Agent Name:
Contact Phone #:
Item Name/Description:
Item # (is available):
# of imprint color:
# of imprint locations:
Price: ____ @ $____
(qty) (price)
URL of where you saw item: www.__________________.com (if available)

Please provide flyer or print media reflecting lower price, so that we can make sure we're comparing the same products. After receipt and consideration of all of information above, Melody will process your request. We will process price matching requests on a case-by-case basis and while we will make every effort to accommodate your request, we reserve the right to decline your request for any reason.

Custom Products
The Agent Online Store allows for product customization in both the Agent Customized Items and Seasonal Items sections of the site. On product pages with customization, a box will be provided to record your two lines of text and any necessary notes. Product templates allow for two lines of text: Line 1 accommodates either the agent's name or office name; and Line 2 accommodates one phone number.
Billing & Co-Op Reimbursement
The Agent Online Store serves as your one-stop source for quality, brand-compliant items at great prices. Each item is approved under the 50/50 Co-Op Reimbursement Program.
Upon checkout, you will be charged the full price unless you choose to submit your order for the 50/50 Co-Op Reimbursement. To receive the 50% discount, you must select "Yes, I will submit an MRF in 5 business days." on the "1-Page Checkout" page. This will notify us to hold your order for five business days to receive a signed Media Request Form. Upon receipt, we will review your request for Co-Op and, if approved, deduct 50% of the subtotal before charging your credit card. However, to receive the Co-Op price, you must submit a completed Media Request Form within five (5) business days of your order to Melody Layne by email ([email protected]) or by fax (866.854.0355).
If you do not submit your Media Request Form within 5 business days, your credit card will be charged for the full amount of your order. In the event that your agency has used its allocated Co-Op funds, the Marketing Department will contact you with the option to either cancel the order or bill the full price to your credit card.
We accept most major credit cards and e-checks; however, if you choose to pay with an electronic check AND are using co-op funds for the purchase, we will have to collect the 100% amount of funds from the check and then will issue you a refund check for the difference between the co-op amount that you are responsible for and the 100% amount. This process can take up to 2 weeks after an order has been approved because electronic checks go through an underwriting process before the funds are deposited, which can take anywhere from 7-10 days. When refunds are due for co-op, we must wait the 7-10 days to verify the funds have been deposited to us and that there were no issues with the payment before we process any refunds for co-op, etc.. For quicker processing and less delays, we encourage you to use a credit card to complete your purchase.

Please note that the charge will appear on your bank or credit card statement as MAGNOLIA MARKETING. If you select the co-op option, you will be required to authorize the full 100% amount at the time of checkout, but as soon as you are approved for co-op, ONLY the co-op amount will actually be captured from your account. Different financial institutions handle this process differently, but most hold the original authorization in a pending state until the actual charge is processed.
If you choose to opt out of the 50/50 Co-Op Reimbursement option, please proceed through the checkout process and your credit card will be billed the full price for your order.
Please click here to access the Media Request Form.
At checkout, you can select which shipping method you prefer through a drop-down menu. All shipments will be sent by your selected method as soon as production of your order is complete. If you would like a tracking number for your order, please email Melody Layne in the Marketing Department at [email protected].
Melody Layne
(254) 751-2232